This Month Only!

My blog about surviving pet loss appears on my friend Kathi Holmes’ website this month.  She has been featuring inspirational stories by other bloggers on her site, and was kind enough to allow me a chance.  I don’t  generally think of my self as having a particularly inspirational story to tell, with my sarcastic sensibilities and all, but if you’ve gone through the loss of a companion animal it might help you to learn how someone else has experienced it.  Check it out at

Unfortunately, I had much experience with this subject a year ago, but hey, life experiences make for richer writing, n’est-ce pas?

We’re now up to 405 days without an animal death.   Things can change in an instant, but everybody seems to be in pretty decent shape now.  Even 17 year old Big Kitty, who by now could be called Skinny Old Kitty.   He has a huge appetite, but, rather annoyingly, doesn’t put on any weight.  I need to find out what his secret is.

Big Kitty. Photo by Katie Thering Berger, Kage Imagery.

Happy Birthday, Baby Dog

December 20, 2003 – December 26, 2011

Daisy would have turned nine years old yesterday. I brought her home as a six-week old puppy.

Our first day together

She was the first dog I ever had all by myself.  She took advantage of my easy-going ways and was domineering, stubborn, utterly frustrating.  She also was highly intelligent, extremely sensitive and greatly devoted to me.  I think she would have given her life for me.  Perhaps I am anthropomorphizing her, but one thing I know is that I was the one true love of her too-short life.

On a Wisconsin adventure, 2005.

I called Daisy by many different names.  When she felt like it, she answered to any of them.  Daisy Queen, Queenie, Baby Daze, Miss Puppy Girl, Sassy Brat.  Her official name, when I registered her with the American Kennel Club, was Celayne’s Darlin’ Daisy. I never called her by that one.  It was too long.



When I sat with her in our vet’s office almost a year ago, saying goodbye as she succumbed to hermangiosarcoma, I called her by all of her names, even her too-long official name.

My good girl, I miss you every single day.

With her best cat-friend, Isis. Isis mourned when Daisy died.