Good Contest News

I entered a writing contest earlier this month.  Edina Reads is a community-sponsored program in the suburb where I spent some of my formative years; the contest was open to residents or former residents.   Today, I got a phone call: I’ve won second prize.

I’m excited about it.  It’s satisfying to have one of my stories chosen by people I don’t know.  Family and friends are always supportive, and their comments and praise are sincere, I’m sure, but in dark moments I think they pretty much have to be nice to me about it.

There’s a public reading on Monday, November 18 at 7 pm at the Edina Library.  Awards will be given and this means (oh happy day!) that I will walk away with a little something for my efforts.   Writing will no longer be my hobby. When I get that check, I will consider myself a pro.  I’ve had a few things published when I’ve gotten around to submitting them, but until now haven’t had a paying gig.  Winning money in a contest isn’t quite in the same category as work submitted and paid for, but that’s a minor detail.  I’m celebrating.