We Had A Photo Shoot

Please welcome our guest blogger, Luna.  She writes on topics of interest to the Canine-American community. Thanks to Amber Johnson of Modern Life Photo for having the patience to deal with two unruly dogs. – Celayne

Here we are in the backyard. I’m the good-looking girl on the right. Buster’s the shorter guy. He adores me.

So we got to go on a car ride today, me and my foster brother, Buster.  It was longer than we usually drive.  Normally we wait in the car while She Who Keeps the Food goes into the store to buy her own food and it is close to our home and it doesn’t take very long.  Today we sped along the freeway for a while before we got to a place I remember well: Pampered Pooch Playground.  I haven’t been there in maybe a year, but I went pretty often after Daisy died.  She Who Keeps the Food thought I needed to play with dogs and Rusty was too old to play with me.  Like I can’t entertain myself!  But it was fun going there.  Now I’ve got Buster to play with so we just stay home in our big fenced yard and chase around there.  I hope She is not too mad when she sees what happened to the Mugo pine tree…

You can click here to see a video of the two of us playing tug-of-war.  We were tired after a long day with many trips outdoors into the blowing cold, it was warm in front of the fireplace and so we were moving kinda slow motion.  But you can see how well we get along together.  He respects my authority, so of course things are going smoothly!

Anyway, the reason we were at Pampered Pooch was to have our picture taken.  I don’t know why She took us there, because she’s always taking pictures of us.  Embarrassing stuff like when we are sliding off the couch while sleeping, or having one of the cats cuddle against us.  But there we were, so we put on a show.  We pretended not to know what ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ means.  Buster pretended that he always jumps up when he is offered a treat.  And I pretended that I was shy and kept trying to hide behind my mom.  She was getting frustrated with our make-believe, I could tell.

But the photographer, a real photographer with a real camera, was very nice and patient with us. I kind of felt sorry for her and wished we weren’t doing all our pretending.  Despite our antics, she said she got some good pictures of us and will be getting them ready so She Who Keeps the Food can pick them up on Saturday.

So stay tuned. I’m sure She will want to share our pictures with you.

Well, back at it.  There’s still a small patch of pristine snow in the backyard and we want to mess it up before nightfall.

Your canine correspondent,



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