Wake Me When Christmas Gets Here

Buster has made himself right at home, including parking on my bed at night.

Buster seems to know Christmas is coming.  He’s sampled a branch of the Christmas tree and opened one of his gifts – a Nylabone for “powerful chewers”.  His chewing puts Luna’s destruction to shame.   Toys that Daisy had her entire life that later lived through Luna’s puppy years now lay dead or dying after discovery by Buster.  Cat toys don’t stand a chance.

Buster’s only about a year old, and still firmly a puppy.  He’s learning manners pretty well, and I can’t fault a young guy for chewing.  At least he hasn’t gone after any furniture, or my shoes, or the woodwork.

He is completely food motivated.  Today he pulled a fresh almond croissant out of the grocery bag somewhere between the car and the house.  It must have been when I left the bag at the front door and returned to the car for the case of canned dog food.   He didn’t even act guilty.  I guess he thought he needed it more than I did.




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