Jolly Old St. Nicholas

My little St. Nicholas figure is one of the first Christmas decorations to come out each year.

You could call St. Nicholas a prototype Santa Claus.  In some northern European cultures, children would get presents from St. Nick on December 6.  He left the gifts in a shoe or sock left at the foot of their bed, or perhaps hung from a doorknob.  In America, cities with German traditions, such as Cincinnati, start the Christmas season off with this guy.

Christmas lights brighten up a dark time of year, as the hours of sunlight diminish. Here in Minnesota our skies are often clouded in December, adding to the gloom.  I like looking out my windows at dusk and seeing the neighbors’ lights coming on.  I really like Decembers where we actually have snow on the ground. (Dear Mother Nature, so ditch the drought already, okay?)

In what is probably a total lack of good sense given the level of animal mischief in this house, I am going to buy my Christmas tree today.  I’ll get a wreath and maybe some pine tops for the patio planters.  The lights are already on the house.  Now we just need some snow.

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