Meet the Dog: Luna

Some fun facts about my best pal.

Birthday:  July 19, 2009

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Came From:  A local rescue group.  She was given as a gift to a young girl who wasn’t really interested in taking care of a little puppy.  At five months of age, Luna was surrendered to rescue.  I brought her home as a foster pup where she was a model of false advertising — perfect manners, no barking, ignoring the cats — so I adopted her after a couple of weeks.  Her biggest selling point was that she was totally submissive, in a fun, spirited way, to Daisy, my dominating shepherd. They were great playmates for two years, until Daisy’s premature demise from hermangiosarcoma at the age of eight.  Now Luna is a happy and spoiled only dog-child.

Having fun with her squeaky football

Tired out after a mischief-filled day


LIkes: Luna likes nearly everything but especially: Dairy Queen Pup Cups: car rides to get same (and to go anywhere, really); chasing after balls thrown by me, even with my feeble throwing arm; refusing to relinquish ball so I can throw it again; rolling in the grass, or snow, as the season dictates.

Dislikes:  Nothing.  Well, maybe the neighbor cat, judging from the barking the poor feline elicits when she prowls about her own yard,  but I bet if she could catch it, Luna would just want to play.

Fears:  Those little white flags that mark where the Invisible Fence is.

Personality traits:  Silly.  Happy.  Playful.  Did I mention Silly?

Educational level attained:  Obedience I & II (passed) and Agility for Fun (Pretty much a fail.  Did you know dogs can be afraid of heights?)

Hopes and Dreams:  “That all the world’s doggies can someday live in peace and harmony.” (ed: Say, you know you’re not joining that pageant, right?) “Oh, right.  Well, I’d like a diet of Solid Gold Tiny Tots (a chewy dog treat) and never to be told not to bark at the lawn mowing man again.”

Future plans:  “I just really want to catch that cat.  And maybe the lawn mowing man.  That’s it for now!”


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